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Patrick Mahaffy


Patrick Mahaffy's journey in the biopharmaceutical landscape spans decades, marked by significant achievements in oncology-focused drug development and commercialization across the US and Europe. His dynamic leadership roles have included President, CEO, and Board Chair, contributing invaluable expertise to multiple high-growth biotechnology companies. An advocate of mentorship, he dedicated time as a Board Chair to nurture emerging CEOs, showcasing his commitment to fostering leadership. Patrick's rich experience has cultivated a strategic mindset, offering insightful perspectives on commercial development, portfolio strategy, marketing, and operational management. His expertise extends to novel oncology therapeutics and targeted radiotherapeutics, an emerging frontier in oncology drug development. His influence transcends traditional oncology domains, encompassing biotech firms specializing in immunotherapies for cancer, infectious diseases, and musculoskeletal therapeutics.

An influential chapter in Patrick's journey unfolded as he co-founded and led Clovis Oncology, donning the mantle of President and CEO. Under his guidance, the company achieved milestones like the development, approval, and market launch of Rubraca—an innovative drug addressing ovarian and prostate cancer across the US and Europe. Simultaneously, Clovis embarked on early-stage clinical development of targeted radionuclide therapy. However, the company faced challenges in 2023 due to COVID-19's negative impact on cancer diagnoses. FDA concerns about outcomes for Rubraca and PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer treatment also posed obstacles. Notably, this concern diverged from the broader opinion leader community and other regulatory agencies, with Rubraca and PARP inhibitors maintaining their position as the standard of care for ovarian cancer. Patrick's leadership prowess manifested during his tenure as President and CEO of Pharmion Corporation. Guiding the company's global drug development and commercialization focus in hematological and solid tumor cancers; he played a pivotal role in its acquisition by Celgene (now Bristol Myers Squibb) for $2.9 billion.

Patrick Mahaffy



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